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the forgoten lands [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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just the regular crap [Feb. 27th, 2006|09:07 pm]
[mood |sadsad]

Ok so I'm kinda depressed actualy really depressed not really sure why I feel like I need some one to talk to but not any of you no offence maby its that I'm looking for something that dosent exist. But as always I have hope I don't know why I'm going to school tomarow I probably wont. I can't even get threw a stupid movie with out wantin gto die and its a fuckin movie not my freekin life. I seem to over compensate for my pain with words I know every one notices most of you are actualy nice about it just going on and on about stupid shit just beacuse I'm tired and my heart hurts and I feel completely ignorant. I'm over Jeremy now but now I'm just empty before I could be mad at him or be happy to see him or get a hug or even just talk but now that thats gone its just a void nothing there nothing to wory about or to get butterflys over just nothing all I really want is to be held by some one I love and to be inspired. I started thinking of my childhood again (not a good sign) there are so many things I've never told you guys not bad things but the few happy times when I was young Things I had foregotten I didn't tell you because they were really rivate or any thing but it feels like a privilage that I don't just want to give to every one because chances are that in a week you'll forget it any ways and I meen its not your fault its just that these memories arent important to you the way that they are to me.
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jelly beans [Feb. 15th, 2006|01:02 pm]
[mood |hyperhyper]
[music |wrong number .,...the cure]

What ever you do don't eat the Brown ones! or the Black ones, or the White ones or for that matter you robably shouldent risk eating any of them thier POISIONED hahahahahahha (evil laugh*)
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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2006|01:33 pm]
yet another year with out a valentine but don't worry I'm not emo lol I'm happy I ate like 12 peeps this morning
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(no subject) [Feb. 2nd, 2006|01:03 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]

hey yall watz up dude I got Blakes address and he wants us to send him random shit like pics of us and stuff so you guys need to give me some random shit to send lol k?
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(no subject) [Jan. 26th, 2006|01:22 pm]
Happy Birthday to Jaunae!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you ahve lots of crazy monkey sex in the next year lol
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(no subject) [Jan. 23rd, 2006|01:13 pm]
yo watz up we had a visitor today that was fun lol
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(no subject) [Jan. 18th, 2006|01:30 pm]
I am so over that shit....
At least for now lol

thoughts that should be banished dare to enter here

that most wonderful discription of a woman by her beloved...Ligeia
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watching the sunrise with a glass of mimosa [Jan. 10th, 2006|01:12 pm]
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |insane laughter]

what an orgasmic display of pure fuerry!!!! oah Joy you wonderful creature, you are sex! lol that is the ulltimate compliment I can think of the "heated discussion" that took place at the gazebo today was absolutly wonderful some one finaly stood up to Bruce and to Stephanie you were the hotness the courage you displayed was instramental in the oscar winning moment.
for a second i almost thought he'd hit Joy and while it would have been beautiful to watch her rip him to pieces Iam glad he didn't . Then Michael came and made me laugh you are officialy welcome at all times at the gazebo and may cheer us up when ever you please!

"Watch'a gunna do 'bout it???? What what?"

I'm actualy speachless!!!..... me .....speachless!!!!!
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(no subject) [Jan. 9th, 2006|01:58 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

I have a headache..... wow for a second there that looked like heartache i guess that would work to.....bell
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big bottom girls make the rockin world go round [Jan. 1st, 2006|10:10 pm]
[mood |melancholymelancholy]
[music |Bite the dust, Queen]

Watz up just wanted to say Happy New Year to all of you I hope this one is better than the last. But if my new years party was any indication of the year ahead I should be spending alot of my time with people I don't want to be with and some place where I'd rather be at home. But there is some light at the end of this drery tunnel ....... IM GOIN TO SWEDEN!!!!! well in about 6 months any ways so sorry guys but I can't go to St. Pete Beach with you because I won't actualy be in the country for that entire monthy! ahhh i'm like freekin out. But don't worry I'll miss you all very much while I'm celebrating Lammas with my cousins.
But by the time May roles arround that vacation is going to be the only thing keeping me alive I'm about to get hit with a whole lot of shit lol. With Jeremy graduating and going in to the army I don't know how I'm going to be able to stand it and with out Koga there this is gunna be hell.. but the good news is that I have invented a kewl new drinking game which I will be able to use quite often in the comming year.
so I'll say

the new year is going to be interesting hope you'll join me
love you
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